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Pruitt Health Raleigh Worship Service

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Pastor Velvelette and Pastor Willie Bottoms along with First Lady Esther Richardson Outside of Pruitt Health Rehabilitation Center

We visit the Rehabilitation Center every 4th Saturday of the Month at 3 pm. We really had a wonderful time encouraging all the patients there.

We had First Lady Richardson on the piano this time and Sister Blalock in testimony service. He voice echoed as an angel though the whole entire building. As we preached to the people in the facility about the Leper the Jesus Healed in Matthew Chapter 8 a lot of them received Jesus Christ as their Savior. One lady was prayed for her healing of her body who had a stroke.

We prayed for many patients, joy was brought into to Pruitt Health Facility. We will sure be back to reach more for Christ next Fourth Saturday. Be sure to keep the patients at the Rehabilitation Facility in your prayers. Many are suffer with loss of limbs and drug addiction. God can do anything. With God All Things are Possible.

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