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Facebook Live Zech Ch 3, "Dirty Clothes."

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

We all have a special work to do for God. However, we cannot do the work unprepared without salvation and never without he Holy Spirit. Velvelette explains the Holy calling on Joshua, the Son of Nuns life, and how the angels of God and the Holy Spirit help us to fulfill our purpose and calling. Seventy percent of Jesus Ministry while he was here on earth he talked about demons. I believe that our biggest problem today is we are fighting an enemy by natural means like, medicines and drugs or alcohol without getting down the root of the problem. Demonic forces, I believe the Jesus wants us to rid ourselves of any strong holds that would keep us in bondage or sin. Lets free ourselves from anything Satan has to offer and then ask Jesus to be Lord over our lives and I know this will make a difference for us and help find our destiny in Christ.

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