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     Common types of narcissistic manipulation include:

  • Triangulation. Someone using this tactic will try to pull a third person into your conflict, typically to reinforce their own opinion or position.

  • Gaslighting. Someone trying to gaslight you tries to get you to doubt your perspective and reality, often by twisting facts or insisting things you remember didn’t actually happen.

  • Hoovering. This tactic involves attempts to reconnect or pull you back into a toxic or abusive relationship.

  • Silent treatment. This behavior becomes manipulative when someone purposely ignores you to control you or make you feel isolated.

  • Scapegoating. Parents who use narcissistic manipulation may place all the blame on one child they designate as a scapegoat.

  • Passive aggression. Indirect blame-shifting, sabotage, and sarcasm can all point to covert narcissistic manipulation.

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Pastor Velvelette Poole -Bottoms

For more than two decades,
Pastor Velvelette Poole has been a committed spiritual leader, inspiring and helping others through her sermons, counseling, and community outreach programs.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy it!  Learn about Jesus Christ while you are at it. We are here to help you grow, and this year let's live, learn and grow together. We talk about that stuff nobody else is willing to talk about. Narcissism is the worst thing anyone can ever experience. However,  it does not mean that God does not understand it, and know you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from its effects. Our job is to inform the church and the unlearned about its dangerous effects and how to overcome it without throwing your life away. Comfort is here and we love on people until Jesus shows up and delivers the stain of sin and depression that so many face in their daily lives. Lets talk about it and most of all lets pray about it!

Here at  Bible Vision Ministries we here to inform the church of the tricks of the enemy. Teach all those who want to know more about the coming events of bible prophecy and world events. You see the more you know the more you can prepare even as Noah prepared the ark and saved his eight souls in the flood. We know the years have not been easy but at least we can give some understanding and guide you through lifes challenges. Our goal is to keep our families together at the same time guarding our hearts and minds. The race is not given to the strong nor to swift but he that endures until the end. Lets hold fast to our faith in God until Jesus comes. We sure can't hardly wait for his return.

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