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We Are BibleVision Ministries

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There are so many good things God has in store for the coming New Year. We will continue to encourage you and prayerfully focus on our Ministry platforms on social media and involve you in our church home bible studies. Facebook Live, Youtube, Instragram and this website just to name a few will continually be avenues for our viewers.

There has never been a more rewarding time to focus on the kingdom of God and His gospel to all nations. Then, the soon return of Jesus Christ our Lord will surely come. 

Learning how to get through these perilous times is important to every believer and bible prophecy is being fulfilled and unfolded daily on all social platforms before our very eyes.  

We need our edification and santification of the church to continue and to assemble together for the sake of the the commission of Jesus Christ. Our focus to help prepare believers for all of coming events of the New World Order, which is currently upon us even now.  Help support our ministry. Subscribe to become a partner today.

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